Papers can be either related to the CHiME-6 challenge or to the workshop’s theme, Speech Processing in Everyday Environments.

Submission will take the form of 2-page extended abstracts (references can extend onto a third page). Full papers (2 to 6 pages) will be due after the workshop for publication in the ISCA archive (TBC). The proceedings will be registered (ISBN) and indexed (by Thomson-Reuters and Elsevier).

Submission can be made by the CMT conference system.

Author kit

Please use the provided Interspeech 2019 LaTeX author kit for extended abstracts.

Regular papers

  • The submission deadline is 20th March midnight Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
  • Abstracts will be reviewed for novelty and quality. Authors will be notified by 6th April.
  • Full versions (2 to 6 pages) of accepted papers will be due after the workshop.

CHiME-6 challenge papers

  • The submission deadline for challenge papers is 10th April midnight Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
  • Submission to the challenge should focus on providing a technical description of the system and the corresponding results. Please check that your abstract clearly reports results using the official challenge rules. Additional results are also welcome.
  • Participants must submit ASR transcripts corresponding to their official results for both development and evaluation data through (see the CHiME Challenge site for details).
  • All challenge participants will be invited to present a talk or a poster at the workshop.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed to ensure that the challenge rules are met and that sufficient information is provided about the proposed system. Full papers (2 to 6 pages) will be due after the workshop and published in the workshop proceedings, provided that the review comments have been addressed.