CHiME 2011

Machine Listening in Multisource Environments (CHiME 2011)

CHiME 2011 was an ISCA-approved satellite workshop of Interspeech 2011 that considered the challenge of developing machine listening applications for operation in multisource environments, i.e. real-world conditions with acoustic clutter, where the number and nature of the sound sources is unknown and changing over time. CHiME brings together researchers from a broad range of disciplines (computational hearing, blind source separation, speech recognition, machine learning) to discuss novel and established approaches to this problem. The cross-fertilisation of ideas will foster fresh approaches that efficiently combine the complementary strengths of each research field.

Relevant research topics include (but are not limited to),

  • automatic speech recognition in multisource environments,
  • acoustic event detection in multisource environments,
  • sound source detection and tracking in multisource environments,
  • music information retrieval in multisource environments,
  • sound source separation or enhancement in multisource environments,
  • robust feature extraction and classification in multisource environments,
  • scene analysis and understanding for multisource environments.

The PASCAL CHiME Challenge

As a focus for discussion during the day, the workshop acted as host to the PASCAL CHiME Speech Separation and Recognition Challenge. This is a binaural, multisource speech separation and recognition challenge supported by the EU PASCAL network and the UK EPSRC. To find out more please visit the Challenge Website.

CHiME 2011, September 1

Florence, Italy

Organising Committee

  • Jon Barker (UK)
  • Emmanuel Vincent (FR)
  • Walter Kellermann (DE)
  • Dan Ellis (US)
  • John Hershey (US)
  • Hiroshi Okuno (JP)
  • Phil Green (UK)


Table of contents