Instructions for submitting your Track 1 system

Prepare your ASR results for the dev and eval sets

  • Prepare the Kaldi transcription files. If you are using Kaldi, it will be obtained by using local/
  • For participants who don’t use Kaldi, please also strictly follow the Kaldi format transcriptions for the submission. We only accept the Kaldi format transcriptions as follows:
    $ head exp/chain_train_worn_simu_u400k_cleaned_rvb/tdnn1b_sp/decode_dev_gss_multiarray_2stage/scoring_kaldi/penalty_0.0/10.txt
    P05_S02-0007437-0007908 we could just veres the pie
    P05_S02-0008048-0008250 uh yeah
    P05_S02-0008324-0008380 so sweet
    P05_S02-0008825-0009457 no i left it on it's preheated so because rush it with egg white and then put it in
    P05_S02-0009551-0010314 so um i think i use only the yo- great the recipes
    P05_S02-0010820-0011017 uh like fork sweater
    P05_S02-0011262-0011645 it you're ruining it will be great
    $ head exp/chain_train_worn_simu_u400k_cleaned_rvb/tdnn1b_sp/decode_eval_gss_multiarray_2stage/scoring_kaldi/penalty_0.0/10.txt
    P01_S01-0000192-0001278 okay so we have this one or one fry that uh we have groggy we bought that super easy
    P01_S01-0001421-0001481 okay
    P01_S01-0001845-0002138 yeah maybe we can do that
    P01_S01-0002175-0003003 silveri so not can have or cut tomatoes or something or like there for sure
    P01_S01-0003397-0003747 yeah this the fiber so yeah it's in the word
    P01_S01-0003883-0004206 yeah you put sauce rejected
    P01_S01-0004229-0004740 i guess it depends what are you would think you have at the end up to regional the beef things that sure
    P01_S01-0004851-0005553 oh and we do have snacks when you wanna put them on the table people wanna months once the what else i should though
    P01_S01-0005892-0006115 oh there's also these
    P01_S01-0006139-0006239 there are
  • Please make sure to keep the utterance ID format (e.g., P05_S02-0004060-0004382) exactly the same.

Submit your results via the following Google forms

  • Track 1 Category A
  • Track 1 Category B

    • Please first submit a challenge abstract paper by following and get the CMT paper ID, which is required to finish the form.
    • This form requires a Google account. Please contact us if you have difficulties on access to the form due to the account issue.
    • In the form, we ask you to fill out the team profile, brief technical descriptions and so on for our challenge analysis. It can be updated anytime before the challenge submission deadline (11:59pm (Pacific time), April 10th).