Important dates

End of September, 2010

Release of training data and development test set

End of October, 2010

Release of evaluation tools

14th March, 2011

Release of final test set

14th April, 2011 21st April, 2011 (extended)

Submission deadline for abstract or full paper (encouraged) for the CHiME 2011 workshop (satellite event of Interspeech 2011) describing results and systems. Minimum one author will be expected to register for the workshop for each submission. The paper should explain the system in details. We are happy either papers that describe novel approaches or papers that evaluate the performance of established methods.

21st April, 2011

Submission of results (recognition, signals or features) to the challenge organisers. These will then be processed as necessary.

27th May, 2011

The results of the CHiME challenge, including final recognition results for participants who have submitted signals, are released to participants. Ideally, these should be included in the camera-ready submissions, due 7th June.

2nd June, 2011

The CHiME 2011 Workshop notification of acceptance/rejection.

14th June, 2011

Submission deadline for camera-ready papers for the CHiME 2011 Workshop.

Thursday 1st September, 2011

CHiME 2011 Satellite event at Interspeech 2011, Florence, Italy.